Sunday, 3 May 2009

Go here and learn about articles

Hi students. Happy mother's day. I hope you have remembered, but just in case, I am reminding you...

Go to this link

In the box "Articles", study and do all the exercises.

Many times in PAU tests, they give as a present an article to fill...

Have a great week. The end is near. Do not hesitate, no pain no gain.


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Anonymous said...

a)False: "men are just as likely as women to suffer from compulsive buying"
b)True: "Doctors have concluded this behaviour is a way for people to try to complete themselves"

a)The text describes compulsive buying as an illness whose symptoms are buying unnecessary items.
b)The text says that men suffer just as compulsive buying

a)result: Permance
b)increased: Rocketed
c)tendencies: Trends
d)looking for: Seeking

a)be experienced;whit.
d)Yesterday the salesman said to me= "Don't pay now" => not to pay then


a) Sometimes I buy things that I need not think that I need for example, when I buy a video game, book, electric bass strings, film or music discs. Even though we bought more necessary things like clothes, food, school books, shoes. I think many people are almost always people with a lot of money buying unnecessary things and constantly believe that buying these things are happier. Other people buy because of addiction to take many unnecessary things such as computers, mobile phones, expensive clothes, pianos, houses, helicopters, cars... Now thanks to the global crisis we are living, most people buy enough to live.

Sorry for the delay...

Adrián Angelina 2ºA