Saturday, 12 June 2010


        Hi students. I hope your weekend is going fine. I list all of you with need to go to the global test. Some of you are going with just the 3rd evaluation. If I don't specify you have to go with everything. The test will be at the end of next week. If you haven't passed this evaluation, you will have to take a test on unit 5, including questions on the book. The rest will have to study units 4 and 5 and questions on the book.

1. Alejandro Acebedo                     GLOBAL
2. Alejandro Aldana                        THIRD EVALUATION
3. Iulia Balea                                   PASSED
4. Alejandro Bermejo                     PASSED
5. Rodrigo Bermejo                        PASSED
6. Katherine Bernal                        PASSED
7. Adrián Calderón                        PASSED
8. Dimichi Castro                           GLOBAL
9. Marcos Cornejo                        GLOBAL
10. Randy Cosme                         GLOBAL
11. Antonio Crespín                      PASSED
12. Rebeca Díaz                           THIRD EVALUATION
13. Berta Fernández                     PASSED
14. Ainhoa Galindo                       PASSED
15. Rocío Iglesias                         GLOBAL
16. María Jíménez                        PASSED
17. Miguel Angel Lozano              PASSED
18. Uxía Méndez                         PASSED
19. David Pérez                           GLOBAL
20. Roberto Rodríguez                 PASSED
21. Juliana Román                       PASSED
22. Adrián Sánchez                     PASSED
23. Oscar Sánchez                      GLOBAL
24. Tamar Sánchez                     PASSED
25. Francisco Varela                  PASSED
26. Sandra Vargas                     THIRD EVALUATION

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Dear Students. I do not want you to miss my "boring" class today, so I want you to pretend we did in class the following tasks:

Go to the first link and get the PAU exam for a fortnight (new word for many of you). Download the file from 2006 titled "South American Wild Cats Find Hope in a Test Tube". If you have any problem downloading it, send a comment. I read them. You can even send me the exam resolved as a comment, if you are able to follow the instructions to do it. Yes, that means you can do it in your computer and send it to me.

To review and exercise reported speech, I include the following link. There are rules which you don't have in your text book, exercises and explanations.

Read the text on airport security and use the quotes in it, changing them to reported speech. As a present, you can use unknown words from the text to one of your vocabulary Sheets.
I will see you next Monday. Have a great weekend.