Friday, 13 March 2009

Hummm the tippex!

Don't worry my favourite students. I will be good to you as always you are to me, even if you don't listen, even saying "vamos a ver"

Have a nice weekend. You will probably miss me a lot next week. I will have to be at home, by doctor's recommendation, but I will miss you. You make my day so many times...

Your English teacher

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Study on your own with my help

Hi my dear students. I am sure you are missing me a lot...

I wanted to help you prepare your last test. I have already explained to you the indirect speech. I told you I would give you a more complete table.

Go to the following page

When you feel confident with all the information (I know it's dense), do the exercises in your workbooks. I will give you the answers in class. Yes I will be with you again on Thursday.

Study hard. We are almost there, next to San Jose's minibreak and Easter time.

See you in class