Thursday, 21 January 2010


Dear Students. I do not want you to miss my "boring" class today, so I want you to pretend we did in class the following tasks:

Go to the first link and get the PAU exam for a fortnight (new word for many of you). Download the file from 2006 titled "South American Wild Cats Find Hope in a Test Tube". If you have any problem downloading it, send a comment. I read them. You can even send me the exam resolved as a comment, if you are able to follow the instructions to do it. Yes, that means you can do it in your computer and send it to me.

To review and exercise reported speech, I include the following link. There are rules which you don't have in your text book, exercises and explanations.

Read the text on airport security and use the quotes in it, changing them to reported speech. As a present, you can use unknown words from the text to one of your vocabulary Sheets.
I will see you next Monday. Have a great weekend.